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Physical Problems


Fatigue is very common during pregnancy. During pregnancy, a women goes through many changes that create fatigue. In the first three months of pregnancy fatigue is high because at this time the mother’s body become ready for the baby. If the fatigue is chronic, consult with the doctor. Because many times it is observed that pregnant mothers suffer from anemia, this may cause tiredness. Take a lot of rests and you will feel better. Lots of healthy foods can relieve your fatigue. If there is loss of appetite, take small meals frequently. Do some light exercises like walking & swimming which help to remove tiredness and ensure better sleep.

Pain and pain:

In pregnancy, pain is daily’s companions. But there is nothing to be worried about this. The baby in the womb put pressure on your body, bones and muscles. So there may be pain around the hands, feet and stomach. By following these ways you can remove your pain:

  • Sit down for a while.
  • Sleep on the opposite side that has not pain.
  • Bath with warm water.
  • You can use a hot water bag in the painful area.
  • Take rest.

Bleeding from the tooth gums:

During pregnancy, bleeding from the teeth and swollen gums occur. The problem of the teeth can affect the development of the baby. For this reason premature baby can be born. Clean your teeth twice a day with toothpaste. Use soft brushes to clean your teeth. You should consult with doctor and take care of your teeth.


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