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Nutrition during pregnancy

What to eat during pregnancy?

You are becoming a mother so that you should eat nutrient food from now. In this case, you must be aware if you and your child are getting enough nutritious from the food. You should have the following four types of nutritious foods in your daily diet.

  • Vegetables & fruits: You should have fresh vegetables and fruits in your daily diet.
  • Foods rich in starch: Rice, bread, potato and similar types of food.
  • Foods rich in Protein: Fish, meat, eggs and pulses are the sources of protein. In addition, sea fish is very important for the child because it contains iodine.
  • Dairy food: Milk, curd and milk made foods are known as dairy food. There is plenty of calcium in it.

What should be eaten more during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, the mother’s body works much more than before. However, in the first six months extra calories are not needed. The best way is to eat whenever you feel hungry. Due to vomiting and weakness in the first few weeks, loss of appetite can occur and should be eaten a few times in a while.

What should not be eaten during pregnancy?

Eggs and egg yolks must be cooked perfectly. Half boiled or raw eggs should not be eaten. Any meat must be cooked properly and eat it. You should not eat raw meat or semi-boiled meat. You should not eat too much to chicken and cow liver. It is not good to drink more than one cup of coffee or tea in a day. You should strictly avoid smoking and alcohol.

Diet in pregnancy:

You should not get diet during pregnancy so your body may suffer from nutrition. Weight gain during pregnancy is a good sign but if you are gaining too much weight, avoid foods containing sugar and rice from the list and do light exercise. But you must consult a doctor before that.

How much weight will increase during pregnancy?

It is best to gain weight slowly. Normally during 10-12kg weight can increase.

How many times a day will you eat?

Eat food regularly. Besides 3 times of your regular eating, you can also take light snacks 3-4 times a day.

10 super foods during pregnancy

These 10 foods contain much nutrition that can keep mother & baby healthy.

Egg: Eggs play an important role in the development of baby’s brain and remove the birth defect. It is good to eat boiled egg during pregnancy. If someone wants to eat omelette or poached eggs then it is necessary to be careful that the eggs are not raw.

Sweet potato: Sweet potatoes contain plenty of fiber, vitamin B6, potassium, vitamin C and iron. These are very useful for baby’s growth. It also contains copper which helps in absorption of iron in the body rapidly. You can eat sweet potato by boiling or cooking it. You can also eat it as French fries.

Nuts: Nuts contain omega-3, protein, fiber and different types of vitamin and mineral. It also contains magnesium which reduces the risk of premature delivery and helps in the formation of baby’s nervous system.

Grains and pulses: Grains and pulses contain lots of protein and ion. It also contains zinc and calcium.

Meat without fat: Protein and iron are available in meat. It plays an important role in the development of the baby’s brain.

Orange juice: You can get plenty of potassium, vitamin C from a glass of orange juice. It helps to strengthen the structure of baby’s teeth and bone.

Curd: Yogurt contains more calcium than milk. It also contains vitamin B and zinc. A pregnant mother must have sufficient amounts of calcium. The lack of calcium can lead to poor weight of the baby during birth and mother may suffer from several types of bone problems.

Oatmeal: Oats contain lots of fiber, protein and vitamin B6. A bowl of oatmeal can be taken in the morning so that morning’s nausea may diminish. Many people suffer for constipation during pregnancy. Oats with plenty of fibers will release you from this problem. Oats are available at various super shops and stores.

Green vegetables: There is nothing to say about vegetables. There are lots of vitamins and antioxidants which will keep both baby and mother healthy.

Fishes: Different types of fish should be kept in your food menu. Fish oil contains omega-3, fatty acid and protein.


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