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Our responsibility doesn’t end, after the birth of the baby. Rather you have to be more careful and responsible for a newborn baby so that he/she can adjust to the new environment of the world. The time of pregnancy for a human baby is 40 weeks. In this long period, at first the baby continues to grow as the embryo and later with the perfect shape. In the mother’s womb, light, air, warmth all are perfectly controlled and precised.

So, when the baby comes to the outside environment, the baby should be given attention to everything like sleep, foods, conveniences and discomforts. After birth how can be a newborn baby’s sleep, how long he/she can sleep, what we need to do during his/her sleep etc, we have no knowledge of these issues. And that’s way, the mental and physical growth of the child is hampered because of the unawareness.

How long a newborn baby can sleep

Between 24hours, a baby can sleep for maximum 20 hours which is very normal for a newborn. But in general, 16 hours sleep for a baby can be considered, as an ideal sleep. In this case, newborn baby can sleep continuously for 3-4 hours at a time. After a break of 1-2 hours he/she can sleep again. This is how a newborn baby sleeps.

How newborn baby sleeps

As we sleep in different ways as adults, the babies can also sleep in different ways as well. A newborn baby can create sounds like light snoring, the eyelids can also move a little bit, can have light to deep sleep. As the baby starts to grow up the amount of sleep will decrease and the amount of working will increase.

How a newborn baby can sleep at night

After birth, some baby sleeps more at night again some sleep more at daytime. Again some baby doesn’t want to sleep at night. These are temporary after some days the baby’s sleep will be changed so don’t get worried about it. Don’t be impatient if the baby does not sleep at night, instead of it you should give companion to the baby. But don’t lift up the baby from the bed and walk, and also do not take the baby to another room. It will hampers the baby’s habit of sleeping at night. Let the baby realize that it is sleeping time. If necessary, arrange minimal amount of light at room. In this case, it will react in baby’s mind. After the first few days of sleeping, he will understand that he/she has to sleep now. Normally, the two months baby sleeps at 6-8 hours at night. If any baby can’t have sleep at night and if it is continuing for four months, then you should consult with child specialist. Some babies continuously sleep for six weeks at night. Again some babies wakes up two or three times and then again sleep. This kind of babies continue this habit of waking up at night for 12 months. Then gradually it gets settled. The three months baby whose weight is at least 12 pounds his/her sleep will be long and deep. However, the breast- feeding babies can wake up more than the babies who take the bottled milk. Babies who breastfed while sleeping, they are less bothered, even cry less.

When does the baby’s sleep change be seen?

Normally, after 12 weeks or three month, a baby’s sleeping schedule starts to change. After three months, the physical and mental growth of a baby will increase rapidly. So sleeping and feeding should be in harmony.


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