Five ways to make your teeth naturally white

We all like beautiful white teeth and beautiful smiles. But many people may not be able to laugh because of a yellow or reddish teeth. This yellow or reddish colors of teeth may be due to many reasons. Those who doe not brush regularly or who are consuming extra tea, coffee or cigarettes are more likely to have this problem

1. Eat a good amount of vegetables and fruits. What kind of vegetables and fruits you should eat? Cucumber, carrot, pears, apples and guavas. In this case, eat fruits and vegetables with bite, it will reduce the amount of yellowing and make lots of saliva in the mouth. As a result, harmful bacteria can not damage the teeth.
2. Baking soda helps to whiten the teeth. Mix lemon juice with baking soda and add toothpaste then brush your teeth with a toothbrush. Brush for one minute and wash your mouth. Don’t do this more than once a week.
3. Cheese! This helps to prevent cavity and to build enamel. Enamel makes the tooth white and shining.
4. Strawberry helps to remove spots on teeth and also yellowness of teeth. Put strawberry juice on toothbrush. Brush for 5 minutes and wash your mouth.
5. You should brush and floss regularly. This will make the look better, as well as many health risks such as stroke and heart disease will also decrease laugh and be healthy.

Care of clothing in winter

The winter came completely, now it turns to enjoy it. But keep in mind that not to get cold to enjoy the winter. So, for the sake of winter everyone has dropped more warm winter clothes. Some are also visiting the market for some new collections. Yes, this is the right time. Soon the market has been producing hot clothes. Fashionable jackets come for girls in the last two years, hope so this year there will be the same fashion. We all have more or less wool, Kashmiri, leather, lining etc. different types of winter clothes. But many of us have no idea about how to maintain these clothes. There are variation in this clothes, as well as its caring is also different. If you take proper care of your clothes, you will be able to use your favorable clothes for several years. So, let’s know how to take care of winter clothes.

1. Wool
Generally, detergent or liquid detergent mix well with water, soaked for 20 or 30 minutes and wash the wool with a light hand. It should be remembered that it cannot be rubbed too hurshly. Wool clothes can also be washed by washing machine, but for that you have to keep it in the wool mode. If there is any stain in the wool cloth then lemon must be rubbed on the stain.
2. Flannel
Generally, detergent or liquid detergent mix well with water, soaked for 20/30 minutes and wash the flannel clothes with a light hand. For washing it into washing machine, you have to keep it in the general mode. But before the wash, clothes should be kept in vinegar water for a while. Because the extra color of the flannel will leave.

3. Lining
For lining clothes, you have to take a little caution. Don’t wash it into washing machine and only wash with winter wash or liquid detergent. For that you only need 5/10 minutes to soak and wash and press down. The lining clothes can never be washed with another clothes, then the fur can get attached to other clothes. If you want, you can dry wash it. After washing the cloth, wipe it with tissue paper, keep it in polythene or hangers.
4. Leather
Leather jacket cannot be washed repeatedly. So, sometimes you have to take it into sun and brush it. It is better to have ½ dry wash every year. Of course, the leather jacket will be hanging on hanger. As a result, using it for a long time, zipper can be jammed. If you rub the wax or coconut oil in the zipper chain then zipper will become easy to zip.
5. Kashmiri
Kashmiri shawl or sweater can be washed in the house with liquid detergent. But after the light wash, water will be removed by pressing the towels and have to dry by hanging it in shade. While dressing, spread out a towel or cotton cloth and iron it. After drying the Kashmiri shawls or sweaters, keep hanging or folding in the polythene bag with naphthalene. Winter clothes should be given to the sun, but it should be kept in mind that it does not get much sunlight otherwise the color of your dress can be discolored. So, in the morning 10-12 minutes of sunlight is enough. During day time high temperature might deteriorate the quality of cloth. Of course, keep the naphthalene before putting it in the cupboard. Don’t spary perfumes in clothes then there will be stains in clothes.
Source: Shajgoj

Some Common tips (1st part)

We have to do a lot of work all day. Especially who are housewives, they have no start or end of their work. Starting from cooking, cleaning the house, room tidy up and whatever things have to do. There are arrangements with some small tips to make their work easy.

Usually to save time, we cook the pulses in a pressure cooker. If there is no pressure cooker then the pulse cannot be cooked fast. In this case, while cooking the pulse, give some rice into it. May be, it will not be quick like a pressure cooker but it will take less time than as usual.
Keeping peanut in glass or plastic jars become soft. If you keep some pepper in the jar then the nuts will not be soft for a long time.

Want to make tamarind pulp juice quickly? So keep the tamarind with hot water.
Does peeling off the garlic skin feels difficult? It does not take anymore. Soak garlic for half an hour in the water. Now see how fast the garlic’s are done.

When making flour dough try to give some warm water in dough. This way it takes less time. The bread is also become much softer.
While cheeses in grater, some cheeses are stuck in the grater. These cheese cannot be used. Later cleaning the grater also becomes a problem of trouble. In this case, take a little oil in the greater while doing the cheeses. Now grate as much as you like but this time cheeses are not suck with grater.

Fish without fiber such as catfish, tire track eel these are fishes begin to crack during the frying. In this case, when you mix the fish with turmeric and salt then you should add some oil with this. If the fish frying oil is hot then a pinch of turmeric powder also should be spread.

Balsam apple is a very useful meal. But for its bitter taste, it doesn’t want to eat it easily. In that case, you can do one thing. Take a little salt and lemon juice in the water before cooking the balsam apple and then filter it. It helps to loss bitterness.

Burning spot on the cooking saucepans is very common and disturbing things. If you have a burning stain during cooking. Tell who likes it? You can do a job to overcome this problem. Whenever you go for cooking, don’t pour oil on the pot for the first time. You should keep the saucepan on the stove for a little heat. Then you should pour oil. In this way, the saucepan can’t be burnt easily.

The use of greasy is very much in Bengali cooking. But the main problem of using greasy is that it becomes bitter when it gets blended. So, when you blend greasy must use a little amount of salt and green chilies. That’s how, bitterness will be removed.


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