NeoCare Diaper

Why should we use NeoCare?

NeoCare diapers are made on the basis of modern technology and also premium quality. It has following six characteristics which gives a child proper protection and comfortable feeling.

1. Adjustable hook and loop

The wide hook and loop system is very easy to adjust, for this NeoCare baby diapers fit comfortably in the baby’s body. The effectiveness of the hook and loop system is not wasted by oil, water or powder.

2. Breathable textile back sheet

This back sheet helps the air to move quickly and easily. It is specially made for child’s skin which helps to keep them dry, soft and healthy.

3. Super absorbent polymer (SAP)

SAP keeps the fluid immediately absorbed and stuck inside the diaper so that the liquids are far away from baby’s skin. The SAP which is used in this diaper can stuck its volume 300 times liquid that’s why there is no chance to leak in NeoCare diapers.

4. Acquisition and distribution layer (ADL)

Light green color acquisition and distribution layer rapidly absorbs fluid spreads inside the diapers. For this, the skin of baby becomes dry and fresh.

5. Hydrophobic leg cuff

The two layer of HLC are very soft which, makes the movement easier for the child and keeps clothes and bed clean by preventing leakage.

6. Elastic back ear

Elastic back ear is very compressive and soft which ensures the full effectiveness between hook and loop and excellent diapers fitting so that the child gets freedom during movement.


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