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A Safe House for the Baby

The little child has newly learned to walk. Holds the chair, handle, table, bed or wall and walks continuously. Going on like this, a child may face with accident by falling down with wooden chair. Children cannot feel the risk of their own danger. They have curiosity to see the flames of fire. The tendency to taste any worthless food. By watching, a recently walking baby, buying a pair of new shoes out of hobby, watching him taking his baby footsteps, may cause mishap. More dangling clothes can be stuck under the feet and cut off the tongue in new teeth. Without a prediction, a child may be subjected to a disaster in his/her own house. So, if we try, we can decorate the safe house for a little child. Although caution does not end here. Yet we should follow as much as possible.

Some characteristics which is important for child’s safe house.

  • The furniture of the baby’s house should not be too high.
  • Never put extra pillows, coats and blanket in the baby’s bed.
  • Children may be suffocated under these things during playing or sleeping.
  • Keep your kids away from the toys which are small in size.
  • The child’s should not get any hard substances such as marble, coins in his/her touch.
  • Various types of medicines, scissors, blades, needle, alpine etc. should be kept away from the child.
  • After using, you should close the bathrooms and the kitchen door.
  • Keep electronics equipment and sharp things out of reach of children.
  • Keep an eye on the electric spills so that it does not spread.
  • Do not keep cosmetic items like body spray, hair spray in the open space on the dressing table.
  • Child can spray it to their eyesight without understanding.
  • Keep glass, show pieces, utensils away from children.
  • If possible try to keep a person who can spend time with the children.

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