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10 important nutrients for children


It helps to build strong teeth and bones, also nerves and muscles. The food is transformed into energy and help in blood clotting. They get calcium from milk, yogurt, cheese and pudding. Besides, you can use milk instead of water to prepare baby’s food. See in details

2. Essential fatty acid
It helps to develop cell and nerves. It increases immunity. It helps the body to absorb nutrients. Soybean oil, almond oil, egg, orange juice and marine fishes fill the needs of essential fatty acid.

3. Iron
It helps in the formation of hemoglobin in blood. Anemia can occur due to lack of iron. Meat, spinach, liver, red spinach and bean’s seed are the good source of iron.

4. Magnesium
It helps the bones to get strength, keeps heart rate normal and increases immunity. Nuts, soya milk, wheat, banana and avocados will meet the demand for magnesium.

5. Potassium
It protects the water balance in the body. It reduces the risk of kidney stone and osteoporosis. Tomato, banana, orange, watermelon and potato contain plenty of potassium.

6. Vitamin A
It keeps eyesight better and helps in bone growth. It protects body from infections. It helps to develop the nails, skin and hair. Various types of colorful vegetables, small fish and fruits contain plenty of vitamin A.

7. Vitamin C
It helps in the formation and reconstruction of the red blood cell, bones and cell structure. Strawberry, lemon, grape, mango, raw tomato, banana, papaya and guava are the source of vitamin C.

8. Vitamin D
It helps to absorb calcium and build hormones. The structure of the bones and teeth become strengthen. Curd, marine fish and sunlight are the source of vitamin D.

9. Vitamin E
It increases immunity. Grapes, mangoes, nuts are the source of vitamin E.

10. Zinc

Zinc is necessary for digestion metabolism and growth. Chicken breast, beans, milk, cheese, various types of nuts contain plenty of zinc.

When to give solid or solid foods to the child?

Children usually eat solid from the age of six months. However, some children already show interest in solid foods. By seeing some signs, you can understand that the child may eat solid foods.

1. If the child, can sit well by maintaining the balance of his head.
2. Even if the child is hungry after having breast milk or bottle milk.
3. If the child is attracted to eat food when watching adults are eating and open his/ her mouth.

What to give as solid food?

You can feed the ready cereals and egg yolk to children. Besides, vegetables and meat can be softly fed and fruit juice can be provided. Be careful that the child’s throat should not be stuck in food. When the baby gets old let him/ her to eat by himself/ herself. That’s the way, babies can recognize foods and also try to remember them.
Remember that, every children are different and also their behavior. So, you can understand when he is ready to eat solid foods to see your baby.

What to eat as well as breast milk?
The child should be feed, breast milk as well as nutritious and healthy food after six months to 2 years.

You must wash your hand properly during preparing and feeding food. After preparing food, at normal temperature, it should not be kept more than 2 hours and must use clear water.

What to feed?
1. Rice/ bread.
2. Fish, meat and egg.
3. Milk or dairy food.
4. Colorful vegetables and fruits.
5. Various types of pulse.

How much to feed and how many times to feed

AgeHow many times to feedHow much to feed
6-8 months2 times in a day, depends on child’s hunger and taste. Light meals 1-2 times.Start with 2-3 table spoons. At every time 250ml of half bowl or less.
9-11 months3 times a day, depends on child’s hunger. Light meal 1-2 times.At every time 250ml of half bowl.
12-23 months3 times a day, depends on child’s hunger. Light meal 1-2 times.At every time 250 ml of full bowl.

And obviously, the food will not be so hard to chew. Feed the food slowly with patience. Do not force if he/she does not want to eat.


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