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Child Development


It’s just a guideline. Every child’s are different and he/she has been growing up like their own ways. Consult with the doctor if only you see any danger signs.

1 - 7 months

Milestone: 1 month

  • Within one week, he/she can learn mother’s voice, face and touch.
  • Learn to look at moving things.
  • He/she will turn his/her head around and try to look at the source of the sound.

The things parents should do

  • Talk to your child, take him/her in your lap. Learn to recognize the baby’s sleep and hunger symptoms.
  • Feed the child frequently.
  • Draw attention with toys.

Danger signs

  • Eat slowly or can not suck food.
  • Don’t show any attention on moving things.
  • Don’t show any response to intense light or sound.

Milestone: 3 months

  • Try to make different types of sounds.
  • Can keep balance on the head.
  • Try to get his/her head lying on the stomach.
  • Can open and close his/her hand’s grip and also try to shuffle the toys.
  • Get attracted by seeing interesting things.

The things of which parents have to do
Response to any thing of the baby. You should talk with him, laugh and tell them about many common known things. Help to catch toys.

Danger signs

  • Can’t keep balance on the head..
  • Don’t show any attention on moving things.
  • Don’t show any response to intense light or sound.

Milestone: 4 - 7 months

  • Child laugh, try to say something.
  • Will roll around.
  • Can sit without anyone’s help.
  • If you obstruct him/her anything or say “no” to anything, he/she will understand.
  • Look at the person who will call him/her.
  • Can learn about the things around him/her.

The things of which parents have to do
Play with the child, try to laugh the child while bathing. Speak contrary to the baby’s talk. You should read with colorful books and teach about different types of things. Allow children to play & keep home safe for the baby.Try to make a routine for baby’s eating, sleeping and playing.

Danger signs

  • Being inert or dull.
  • Can’t keep balance on the head.
  • Don’t smile.
  • Don’t show any attraction by seeing interesting things.

Milestone: 8 - 12 months

  • Can crawl, learn to sit by his/her own.
  • Try to stand up and can also stand up without any help.
  • Try to say small words like father, mother.
  • Try to give his/her own opinion like what he/she wants or what doesn’t want.
  • Try to eat by himself/ herself.
  • Try to copy adults like: talk on mobile or combine the head with the comb.

The things of which parents have to do

Continue talking because children at this time learn to talk. Talk about anything like: what to do for a work and how to do. You should read book, play hide and seek with the baby. Try to walk slowly. Give toys to play. Please appreciate his/her work and do good conduct and say “no” to additional mischief. That’s how he/she can learn what has to do or what does not.

Danger signs

  • Do not crawl.
  • Do not stand without help.
  • Do not talk.
  • Do not show attraction for anything.
  • Do not give his/her opinion for anything like or unlike.

Milestone: 13 - 24 months

  • Can walk by him/herself.
  • Can be able to climb up the stairs.
  • Learn to throw balls or kick.
  • Can be able to climb up into a sofa or chair.
  • Learn to understand many things and learn to speak new words.
  • Can speak little sentences within 24 months.
  • Learn to work as direction like: raise the book and bring it to me.
  • There will be an idea about the color and size of things.
  • Try to do everything by own like wearing clothes, eating, washing hand.
  • Learn to play like feeding the dolls or driving cars and playing with another children.

The things of which parents have to do

  • Speak up, ask questions, take the child’s opinion and answer to their question. Give them the idea of colors and numbers.
  • Do not say bad words to the child or say nothing bad in front of them.
  • Give them colorful toys and let separate those toys in the same color or shape.
  • Take a trip outside.
  • Praise them for good work and explain the consequences of bad deeds.
  • Keep patience and be positive.
  • Children have just started learning so let them learn how to express themselves and keep them under control.
  • Could start toilet training. Someone learn it late and someone has already learned.

Danger signs

  • 18 months old but the baby can’t walk.
  • If at least six words aren’t said.
  • Does not learn to imitate anything else from others.
  • Does not understand easy instructions.

Milestone: 25 - 36 months

  • Can imagine many things.
  • Learn to speak. Even strangers can understand the baby’s talk.
  • Learn new words.
  • Learn to do various types of work like able to climb up and down to the stairs, open the door, can run three wheeled, bi-cycled, draw the circle.
  • Learn to make friends.
  • Differences in behavior can be seen like – enjoying somewhere or crying to go home.

The things of which parents have to do

  • Play with same age children.
  • Learn to share toys or things with others.
  • Learn to write and counting.
  • Teach to the name of different parts of body.
  • Praise for good works.
  • If you haven’t start to teach toilet training then start now.

Danger signs

  • Do not play with other children of the same age.
  • Cannot do eye contact.
  • Do not climb up to the stairs.
  • Cannot say more than three words in a sentence.
  • Cannot complete the sentence.
  • Not able to do the things that he could do before.

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