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Care of newborn baby’s navel

Earlier antiseptic powder or alcohol swabbed cotton was used for the care of newborn baby’s navel. But in latest research it is found that, if the navel can be kept dry, the less infection can occur.

Essential fatty acids

The newborn body will be cleaned with a soft cloth until the navel falls (after 7-10 days). Bathing can’t be done in the bowl or bathtub until the navel is dry. Clean the navel with pure water and use soft towel so that it is not wet in any condition. Clean regularly so that there is no infection. Until it is fully recovered, the baby should be dressed in loose clothes and you should be careful that diaper does not cover the navel.

Diapers for child’s safety

Children are not fully potty trained until 2 years. So, in this time need to use the diapers. Diapers keep the baby’s tender skin dry and diseases free. The following things are needed for the cleaning the diapers of the baby -

  • Clean diaper.
  • Baby wipes or soft clean clothes.
  • Light warm water.
  • Nappy rash cream

In case of cleaning the girl child

In case of girl child always have to be cleaned from front to back. By this, bacteria can’t spread in reproductive part. Clean it by using baby wipes or soft clean clothes.

In case of cleaning the boy child
When changing the diaper for cleaning, place a clean diaper on male reproductive organ or keeps the male reproductive organs facing downward so that baby does not urinate / pee. Clean it from front to back.

The things you should do while changing diaper
1. Always keep the baby clean and change the diapers in the same place.
2. Never leave the child alone. There is a possibility of falling down.
3. Keep everything close to your hands during diapering. When you are changing diaper keep the bottom part of baby in open air for a while.
4. The folds of baby’s body should be well washed and cleaned with a dry towel or cloth.
5. Open the clean diaper and then slowly hold your baby’s legs & put the diaper down on them. Apply cream before changing diapers. If the baby’s skin is sensitive, you have to apply cream before every changes. If helps to reduce the possibility of rashes. You can apply zinc oxide rich cream. Use of steroid rich cream is prohibited.
6. Instead of cream, baby powder should not be used. By doing this, powder may enter into baby’s lung causing discomfort or breathing problems. Moreover, the diaper may lead the rash to a more bad condition.
7. For cleaning, you should use fragrance and alcohol free wipes.
8. After discharge, change diapers quickly. Because there are many bacteria in the stool that can create rashes on the skin.
9. Clean your hand after changing diapers.


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