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Remove acne at your home

Acne causes for various reasons like increased oiliness of skin, dust, hormonal changes and if not take enough amount of water and proper food. We all know that with acne condition in face should not be used soap or face wash. Because there is plenty of alkali and chemical in soap or oil. This time, your skin becomes more sensitive, So that, you should take extra care at this time. Today we find out how to make a natural face wash for acne in the home.

For acne, some natural face washes recipe are given below-

1. 1 tea spoon uptan, 1 tea spoon turmeric, fresh neem leaves, lemon juice or orange juice all of these are mixed with together to apply on your face. If you want, you can take them more quantity and can be stored in refrigerators for ¾ days. Every time, when you wash your face, you will have to take a little bit into face, message it gently and wait until it becomes dry. Use this mixture only 7 days to get rid of acne on your face.

2. Raw milk, turmeric paste, aloe Vera gel all of those ingredients are mixed up together and message it on your face gently then wash with cold water after 5 minutes. By this, the skin softness will increase and as well as the skin dirt will be cleaned.

3. 1 tea spoon uptan, 1 tea spoon honey, 1 tea spoon of lemon juice and 1 table spoon of rose water all of these ingredients are mixed with together and message it on your face for 2/3 minutes and then wash it by cold water. If you want, you can preserve this mixture in refrigerators for ¾ days. This face wash is one of the natural face wash.

4. 1 tea spoon of potato flake, ½ tea spoon cucumber flake, 1 tea spoon launder turmeric paste, 1 tea spoon curd, 1 tea spoon mint paste all are mixed with together to apply on your face and message gently for 2/2 minutes then should wash it by cold water. By using this mixture, dullness of your skin becomes removed and also brings loveliness on your skin.
Use 3 times a day for any recipe. If you keep the skin clean then in a while you will get an acne free appearance.

How to maintain beauty during pregnancy?

Due to hormonal change, it becomes very tough to maintain beauty during pregnancy. As there are many changes in the body during pregnancy, so after following some beauty routines, you can stay beautiful during this period.
1. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits that keep the skin well.
2. Drink a plenty of water.
3. You should sleep for 8-10 hours at night and should take 20-30 minutes of rest during the day time.
4. Don’t use additional amount of alkali soap or face wash.
5. Clean your hair regularly.
6. Use regular moisturizer creams for the skin.


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