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Reduce excess weight

The causes of excess weight

  • Without some special exception, the main reason of increasing weight is eating excess than the requirement. After meeting the main needs of the body whatever food is not needed to the body that food is stored and creates excess fat.
  • Many people eat more than their need in the duration of depression. As a result, there is a tendency to become fat.
  • Diseases or genetic factors can causes to become fat.

To do

  • Say ‘no’ to sweet. Don’t take sugar into tea. Use sweetener.
  • Avoid oily and fried food. Instead of this, grilled or baked food should be in your list.
  • Get balanced food. It is very necessary to have moderate amount of fat food with regular food. Because fat can help us to keep our skin beautiful and smooth.
  • Have regular exercise. If you cannot get enough time for this, then you should walk at least 20 minutes.
  • Bring light exercise into your habits. You should do yoga, stretching, Jogging, cycling and swimming. This will be helpful for your body shape.
  • You should eat vegetables and fruits regularly. In this food menu you should add some raw vegetables like carrot, lettuce, tomato, cabbage, bean, beet. That’s way the nutrition and food quality of vegetables will remain the same.
  • Make a heavy breakfast in the morning. You should eat rice or bread because in the morning the food will work properly. You should eat relatively low at noon and should eat very low at night. Because at night you will not do any more work so that calories are burned.
  • Leave the habit of staying awake at night.
  • Drink green tea regularly. It helps to increase your metabolism.
  • Don’t drink cold drinks and also preserved fruit juice. You should drink only fresh fruit juice, green tea and coconut water.

What should eat in the winter

  • Carrot : It is much available in winter and this vegetable contains much amount of beta carotene, which is a source of very important disease preventive element -Vitamin A. Only one carrot has 175% of our daily body’s vitamin A. You can eat carrot with soup and salad. If you don’t want to eat carrot, you can eat green leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes. It also contains beta carotene.
  • Green tea : Green tea is far more useful than any tea. This tea is a strong antioxidant by itself own. Besides this, it has antibacterial and antiviral functional qualities. If you have objection to drinking green tea, you can mix lemon and honey.
  • Yogurt : Curd is the natural source of probiotics. Probiotics are the kinds of bacteria which are useful for body. This bacteria helps to digest, breaks the food and absorb nutrients for the body, ensures maximum immunity in the body. Those who have problem with milk in digestion, yogurt is a good alternative meal for them.
  • Mushrooms : You should add mushrooms with winter vegetables. Mushroom has more bacteria than other plants. So by eating mushroom, your body’s protective cells will fight against those bacteria, you can call it as a trial of disease prevention. For this reason, your body is ready to stop the disease more than any other time. Another great quality of mushroom is that it has anti-cancer elements.
  • Garlic : It increases the enzyme level and works to remove poisonous substances from blood which specially ensures immunity system. You should keep slices of garlic or smashed garlic in the open space for sometimes before cooking, it enhances the capacity to increase the enzymes.
  • Honey : There are lots of antibacterial elements in honey which will help to fight against germs in this winter. Honey is a natural medicine for cough. Eat one or two spoons of honey every night to get benefits. But be careful about the authentic honey. Most of the market we find honey is mixed with sugar.

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