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Becoming a Mother

Becoming a Mother

A healthy child means pure joy for the family. That is why, before becoming a mother, you need to plan many things to ensure a sound pregnancy and a healthy child. Let us discuss some of these:

Physical Preparation:

Before conceiving, seek a Gynecologist’s help. The Doctor can ask you about the following things:

Were you pregnant before? Menstrual history, what type of contraceptive pill did you use. Or do you have any sexually transmitted infection?

Do you, your parents or your family members have diabetes, allergy, high blood pressure or asthma? If so, then these must be controlled.

Let your doctor know the current medications you are on as these might be harmful for the child or lead to various birth defects.

Before conceiving, refrain from smoking and alcohol. These can cause birth defects in the unborn child. You have to be alert regarding your caffeine intake. Caffeine should not be taken more than 200mg during pregnancy. A mug of instant coffee usually contains 100mg of caffeine. Tea, chocolate, and various medications also contain caffeine.

Practice having healthy foods. Avoid fast foods and foods containing excessive sugar.

Mental Preparation

Are you mentally prepared? Before conceiving, there are certain things you must keep an eye on. A new-born will have a considerable effect on your life-style. It is almost impossible that you will prepare yourself for all sorts of mental changes beforehand, but if you can start taking mental preparations from earlier, then this will help you in the future. Pay attention to certain things:

To what extent a new-born will affect your work life.

During this time, some changes might take place in the relationship with your partner. You can share your mental and physical state with your partner. During pregnancy, alongside physical changes, there are changes in mental state also, and so it is important to be prepared for these from the beginning.


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