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Problems of Conceiving

There are many couples who are trying to have a baby for a long time but have not been successful yet, and after trying for a month or two, start suffering from depression. There is nothing to be concerned or depressed about it. The couples, who have been trying for a year without result, can consult with a specialist regarding this.

In our society, it is still considered to be the woman’s fault entirely for not being able to have a child or infertility. Although, in reality, both husband and wife are responsible for not being able to have a child or infertility.

There are certain reasons for not being able to become pregnant.

In case of Males

Problem with sperms: Absence or low quantity of sperms, deformity, or unusual movement of sperms. These are caused by a number of reasons, the majority of which are:

  • Age greater than 40
  • Underweight or uncontrolled weight
  • Sexually transmitted disease e.g.: gonorrhea, herpes, syphilis etc.

In case of Females

There are many problems when women try to conceive after the age of 30 and in certain cases it is quite risky.

Various problems in the female reproductive system like: polycystic ovarian syndrome, uterine fibroid, endometriosis and pelvic inflammatory disease can cause complication in pregnancy.

So those couples who have been trying for a year or more without success should immediately seek specialist doctor’s advice. It can also be seen that sometimes many are unable to conceive even in the absence of any physical problems. In this case you have to have patience and keep taking care of your health.


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